How To Earn Money From Your Photos – A Brief Guide To Online Stock Photography Business

All too often bloggers will go online and then lift a picture they like for their blog post, generally they never even bother to give credit to the other party, not that it would be okay even if they did. I recommend that you collect “copyright free” images prior to needing them. This is what I’ve done.

Indeed, I have other files created for “duty free” public domain, clip art, images for blogs, and keep them totally separate. The Internet is getting a little more cognizant of intellectual property, many artists are pissed off because they are photographers, sketchers, concept designers and their stuff gets ripped off. I can totally appreciate this myself, I cannot believe how much of my stuff gets reposted with someone else’s name on it. It’s amazing. But most images have embedded code that tells of the origin, so, eventually advanced search features will show stolen images. So, don’t go there.

They’ll also be able to catch photo-shop modifications, dates, etc, the intelligence industry is working on this, as far as I am concerned I am glad to see that people do their own work, and that people only post pictures online which are either copyright free, or they took the pictures themselves. Not long ago, I was discussing all this with a blog network editor, and she mentioned that; “It would be nice too 소액결제현금화  if people say whether they do or do not want their pictures reprinted.”

Wow, now that is a terrific idea, how about an extra symbol on the key boards, a Copyright Symbol with a line through it? That would sure solve the problem. You see, I’ve traveled to every city in the US and I have 1,000s of pictures, I’d like the world to have, some I still need to convert from negatives to digital, but I am not a photographer, artist, so, I don’t want to sell them, just give them away.

Others, are really intent about selling their digital works, and many artists are starving because people just take them, because they are so nice. They need a better way to do micro-payments through perhaps your SmartPhone phone bill or PayPal online; micro-payments? You know, “You like the picture of this Aircraft I took Flying over Mt. Hood” download it for $.25 and it’s yours,” and they’d make a ton of money after 100,000 downloads and no one would seem to worry then. Others could just give them away.

The issues with images and copyrights is a very important one, and it is very similar to plagiarism or online content theft. This is a big problem with plagiarism. Everything I have was done by me. Luckily, I have created so much content that, it doesn’t upset me as it used too. They can copy an article today, I’ll have 100 more by week’s end. The editor told me that; “it’s good you don’t care, in some cases, the law isn’t that clear either, assuming credit is given.”

Yes, she is correct, however, as I understand it you can copy 250 words of someone else’s work with quotes around it as long as you cite the person under current copyright laws. This may change as the printing newspaper industry is in the toilet right now. My thinking is that needs to be lowered to 100-words. I have people contact me all the time; I try to email them back right away before they are onto something else.


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